Hotel Television Systems

Hospitality & Hotel TV Systems

We are currently living in a multimedia rich environment with digital TV services and high-speed internet connections as standard and we expect the same level of experience when staying in a ahotel room, whether on business or pleasure.

Hotel TVs
Chantry Digital specialise in Bedroom TV’s, we have our own fitting service if required, Bedroom TV’s can have standard “Hotel Mode” or Full Integrated services supply on Rent and are available on Purchase or Lease.

Interactive Systems

Deliver a wide choice of up to the minute in-room movies to your guests. The high-quality Movies on Demand service showcases box office films not yet on general release in the UK. Previously, in-room movies have had to run a strict schedule – and the chances are that your guests may already have seen the film. With our system your guests can start a movie whenever they want, pause the movie for as long as they want, rewind and fast forward at their own convienience.

Hotel Broadband
Offer wired or Wi-Fi broadband services to your guests and generate addition revenue as your guests access the web and keep in touch with colleagues or family via email. You could also extend this service to converence and public areas. Our service is fully thought out and truly simple. Our Hotel Broadband solution allows hotels to offer high speed internet services that are reliable. With full control of how the system is used by your guests you can choose whether how to charhe guests for internet access, and retain 100% of all revenues generated from the system.

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