Music Systems

Guests are always coming and going. Entice them to come back by creating an engaging, multi-sensory experience they’ll never forget. Whatever your style – boutique, extended stay, or full service – the right audio, visuals, and scent can work together to set the distinct mood that speaks to your brand and your clientele, ensuring lasting customer loyalty.


Every business space is unique and any budgetary amount assigned to delivering a memorable customer experience is very important; whether that be a small or big spend. So, knowing how important the customer experience is to your business, and the memories that they take from visiting you, we guarantee that pound for pound, we will design the very best audio or screen media system, to articulate your brand clearly, and with impact. We’ve got over thirty years experience of designing systems that understand and appreciate the acoustic and aesthetic parameters of diverse retail, restaurant and leisure spaces. And across our wide customer mix, we have designed and installed compact, background music systems, right through to full-blown foreground music systems.

  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Sevice
  • Special Projects

Gym and Fitness

Headphone distribution processor primarily designed to provide headphone monitoring of up to 256 Users.

For most people, music is a great way to stay motivated and pumped up during an exercise session. We all have our routine — some people need to sweat it out to their own playlist, while others prefer hearing the humming of the machines around them and music on the overhead speakers.

  • Dedicated Wall Mounted Remote for Headphone or Speaker Output (WP8)